About Us

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Our history

Encore Culture School is the safe Hub where children can discover and develop their talents.
Every single child is born with a ROAR! The ability to infiltrate life with his own unique talents and gifts. At Encore Culture we help the next generation to discover their ROAR through every, and any culture activity – PHOTOGRAPHY, DRAMA, SPEECHES, VOCAL TRAINING, and CREATIVE WRITING. We provide a platform where interaction is key and in discovering themselves, they’ll discover their ROAR!

Everyone wants to be heard. Make sure your child develops their ROAR – so they can soar!

Established 2019.

Vision: Learn to SOAR – find your ROAR!

Mission: To create a next generation with a ROAR that will shake the world to the core.

Let us assist your children today!

Meet the Founder

Mari Botha
Founder, director, and coach

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